Santa Barbara's New Police Station Logo
City Owned Sites
Commuter Lot
too small – creek setbacks, access issues
Parks & Rec
Laguna St. Office
flood zone, requires relocation of Parks & Recreation offices
Alameda Park
Anacapa & State St.
historic park, requires public vote to change use
SB Golf Club
Municipal Course
requires public vote to change use, golf course changes, out of high call area
City Lot 3
Behind Transit Center
too small – business delivery & security issues
City Lot 11
Anacapa & Haley St.
flood zone
Non-City Owned Sites
Post Office
Anacapa St.
too small, lack of parking, not for sale, historic building
Army Reserve
Las Positas/State St.
committed to Native American Health, fault zone, out of high call area
By High School
flood zone, owned by school district
(Vacant) Downtown
not for sale, building combined with mall use, lack of secure parking
Chapala St.
lease-only: 20% of building in use for 15 years
SB School District
Admin Office
not for sale
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